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Joshua Morse – Waveform 4

Joshua Morse - Waveform 4Hi all! I’ve recently released the 4th installment of my Waveform series, titled “Waveform 4”. It’s made up of 4 original Jazz-Fusion-style SNES/FM chiptunes, and my 3rd arrangement of Turtle Dance, which made its debut on Waveform 2.

If you like Waveform 4, then be sure to check out the other Waveforms:


I also arrange music from various video games and write music for them, too. Check me out on my Bandcamp page, like me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter for more!

Joshua Morse | Ridge Racer Arrange

Ridge Racer Arrange 2013Joshua Morse is a composer and remixer, with projects ranging from robust game soundtracks to expansive remix projects with Overclocked Remix. Today is the release of his newest project, a five track EP inspired by Namco Bandai’s Ridge Racer!

This mark’s Joshua’s first release with game music record label GameChops. Ridge Racer Arrange 2013 fuses chiptune and jazz together into a progressive remix EP. The album is a collaborative effort, featuring a song from Drew Wheeler, also known as halc, who runs the netlabel 9-Bit Records.

Josh and halc aren’t alone on this album. Anthony Lofton played keys and saxophone, and Tony Morgan tracked electric guitars and bass on certain tracks. Mastered by Dj CUTMAN, the resulting album sets the bar high for jazz fusion game remixes. Download Ridge Racer Arrange 2013 now!