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Team of Programmers Recreates the N64’s Ocarina of Time in Glorious 16-bit 2D

It may seem a bit backwards to take a 3D game and recreate it as a 2D one, but, the results are very promising. Check out the boss fight at the end of this video. It’s like finding a all-new SNES Zelda game. The project is only 15% done (started last year) and the programmers have already received some letters from Nintendo, but not a formal cease and desist. We can only hope that they can complete this awesome project soon! It’s definitely more interesting to me than the attempt to make Zelda 1 into 3D.

They even recently announced that a multiplayer online mode will be coming. How this functions, I can only guess. Maybe it’s like Secret of Mana, same game, but with multiple swords swinging? It seems the project is completely non-profit, just a work of true fans. Check it out today. Playable demos are available.



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