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Gerudo Valley looks spectacular in Unreal 4 Engine

Lately, remaking  older games’ levels in the Unreal Engine seems to be in vogue. This latest iteration of nostalgic beauty joins the ranks of its predecessors.

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12 days of MAGFest: Brentalfloss

Brentalfloss, gaming’s favorite singer-songwriter, will be performing at MAGfest. Brentalfloss is known for his “With Lyrics” series on YouTube that combines video game music with witty and satirical lyrics. He currently has three full albums and makes frequent appearances at conventions and shows all over North America and Europe.

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Team of Programmers Recreates the N64’s Ocarina of Time in Glorious 16-bit 2D

It may seem a bit backwards to take a 3D game and recreate it as a 2D one, but, the results are very promising. Check out the boss fight at the end of this video. It’s like finding a all-new SNES Zelda game. The project is only 15% done (started last year) and the programmers have already received some letters from Nintendo, but not a formal cease and desist. We can only hope that they can complete this awesome project soon! It’s definitely more interesting to me than the attempt to make Zelda 1 into 3D.

They even recently announced that a multiplayer online mode will be coming. How this functions, I can only guess. Maybe it’s like Secret of Mana, same game, but with multiple swords swinging? It seems the project is completely non-profit, just a work of true fans. Check it out today. Playable demos are available.



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