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Link to the Future: POWER (Zelda Boss Battle Remix)

Dj CUTMAN teams up with Portland-based producer collective TEAM BANZAI for a dark and dank remix of A Link To The Past’s Boss Battle theme. This track is the second in the Link to the Future series, three remixes propelling classic game music into the future, while taking inspiration from the lore of the game. Each track is inspired by a piece of the Triforce. Check out the past edition, Courage by James Landino.

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How a NES Power Adapter Saved MAGFest

Dale North posted this incredible story of how a NES Power Adapter saved the legendary performance by Nobuo Uematsu and Earthbound Papas at this year’s MAGFest.

During rehearsal, The Papas had found that they were missing the power adapter to a necessary instrument pedal. No stores in the area had what was required, but thanks to some MAGFest ingenuity and fancy wirework, a technician was able to modify a power supply from a Nintendo Entertainment System to power the composer’s instrument. How fitting :)

Read the non-butchered story on Destructoid.