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ICYMI: Roundup of VGDJ’s NSP ‘Under the Covers’ coverage

ICYMI last week Videogamedj.com and Dj CUTMAN covered the hell out of NSP’s new album release ‘Under The Covers.’ Dj CUTMAN remixed ‘Samurai Abstinence Patrol’, and interviewed Ninja Brian of Ninja Sex Party about the upcoming album, the process of putting together their songs, and their studio/live backing band Tupperware Remix Party.


Check out the videos below!
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Dj CUTMAN Remixes Ninja Sex Party

Hey there, I just released my remix of Ninja Sex Party’s song, Samurai Abstinence Patrol! Check out the song on youtube below, and if you like it, you can download it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Play.

I first got in touch with NSP while working on my remix for Starbomb, Minecraft is for Everyone. I emailed my friend Ninja Brian back in 2015 about doing another track and he sent me the (at the time) new NSP album. I liked all the songs, but Samurai Abstinence Patrol felt like the perfect fit for the RnB / Trap style I was into at the time.

Download Samurai Abstinence Patrol Dj CUTMAN Remix  on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Play.

And if you’re looking for a refresher of my high-profile youtuber remixes, here’s my Starbomb and Big Bad Bosses tracks!

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Link to the Future: POWER (Zelda Boss Battle Remix)

Dj CUTMAN teams up with Portland-based producer collective TEAM BANZAI for a dark and dank remix of A Link To The Past’s Boss Battle theme. This track is the second in the Link to the Future series, three remixes propelling classic game music into the future, while taking inspiration from the lore of the game. Each track is inspired by a piece of the Triforce. Check out the past edition, Courage by James Landino.

You can download this track on, Loud, iTunesAmazon and Play

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Final Fantasy VII – Cosmo Canyon ( Grimecraft x Cutman Remix)

Cosmo Canyon ( Grimecraft X Cutman remix)Cosmo Canyon is the new single from GameChops. It features a collaboration between Grimecraft and Dj CUTMAN. Download it now from iTunes and Loudr.

Cutman tells us a bit about his experience with the song:

I wrote this song on my Game Boy while I was visiting in Germany several years ago. I sat in a public park around sunset and something reminded me of the scene from Final Fantasy VII, so I programmed it on my LSDj cart. 

I hadn’t recorded the song until recently. Grimecraft and I were Skyping one day, and I had my Gameboy in front of me and was toying around with another idea. I decided to load up my old save file and when he heard it, he asked me to send it to him. I recorded each channel separately, warped it in Ableton, and send him the project file.  Over the next few weeks, we put together the single. If you download it from Loudr, you’ll get a recording of the original Gameboy chiptune.

Download Cosmo Canyon
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