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Final Fantasy VII – Cosmo Canyon ( Grimecraft x Cutman Remix)

Cosmo Canyon ( Grimecraft X Cutman remix)Cosmo Canyon is the new single from GameChops. It features a collaboration between Grimecraft and Dj CUTMAN. Download it now from iTunes and Loudr.

Cutman tells us a bit about his experience with the song:

I wrote this song on my Game Boy while I was visiting in Germany several years ago. I sat in a public park around sunset and something reminded me of the scene from Final Fantasy VII, so I programmed it on my LSDj cart. 

I hadn’t recorded the song until recently. Grimecraft and I were Skyping one day, and I had my Gameboy in front of me and was toying around with another idea. I decided to load up my old save file and when he heard it, he asked me to send it to him. I recorded each channel separately, warped it in Ableton, and send him the project file.  Over the next few weeks, we put together the single. If you download it from Loudr, you’ll get a recording of the original Gameboy chiptune.

Download Cosmo Canyon
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Triple Triad: BOOSTER PACK Delayed, Grimecraft to Join GameChops Roster

Triple Triad: Booster Pack delayed The Final Fantasy follow up album to Mykah’s Triple Triad,
“Booster Pack” has been delayed.  It contains more remixes from Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII by other GameChops artists, including edits and alternate mixes by Mykah

Originally planned for release on August 6th via Loudr.fm, the album has been pushed back to incorporate new remixes by Boston based DJ and electronic musician Grimecraft.

Those who attended PAX-East this year had the opportunity to catch a secret DJ set between Grimecraft and the mysterious Dj Dr Wily in the MAGFest JamSpace. Grimecraft’s potion of the set is embedded below.


While it’s never fun to hear about an exciting new album getting delayed, the folks at GameChops have been working hard this summer and have already released a tremendous amount of new music. Stay tuned to this blog, or follow GameChops on Facebook and Twitter for updates. I’ll leave you with this gif from PAX-East:

Triple Triad: Mykah’s EDM Final Fantasy Tribute

Triple Triad is now available from GameChops
Triple Triad is now available from GameChops
Final Fantasy is widely known for exceptional characters, superb storytelling, and memorable music. The music is so loved that many groups have adapted it for live concerts, including five distinct tours over the past decade. Today, the team of electronic dance musicians at GameChops have released “Triple Triad,” a twelve-track remix album playing tribute to Final Fantasy and the music of series composer Nobuo Uematsu.

Spearheaded by UK producer Mykah, Triple Triad takes inspiration from three classic games in the Final Fantasy series, VI, VII, and VIII. To many, these games were an introduction into the series. To others, these games serve as a fond memory of when story, mood and music took precedent over graphics, hardware and spectacle.

Triple Triad contains a multitude of genres and styles to fit any electronic appetite; styles range from latin dancehall to drum ‘n bass to house and dubstep. Mykah shows his versatility as a producer, while the compositions of Mr. Uematsu are proven, yet again, to be powerful in any context. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or a casual listener of electronic music, Triple Triad is something special.

Listen and download it today from GameChops.

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GameChops is a record label started by Dj CUTMAN that produces electronic cover songs of video game music. GameChops acquires mechanical licenses to the compositions contained within their albums. Music is available on GameChops.com, Loudr.FM, iTunes, and other major marketplaces.

DJ Nerd42 – Deltron 3742

This post was discovered on NerdcoreNow.

Deltron 3742 is a sequel to DJ Nerd42’s “Chrono Tied” (2009) which combines the lyrics of Deltron 3030 (2000) over beats made from sampling the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. (1997) The album explores the concept of a dystopian future (much like the game does) from the point of view of an underground resistance fighter named Deltron Zero. (portrayed by
Del tha Funkee Homosapien)

The album was produced by DJ Nerd42. All lyrics are from Deltron 3030, except that track 8 samples the chorus from Ronan Keating’s “Time After Time” and track 10 samples Nickelodeon cartoons.

Most of the instrumentals came from Lost Perception or The Specialist. The instrumental on track 9 is from DJ Green Lantern, Prinz and Kool G Rap – “We G’z” from Alive on Arrival, Team Invasion 2006. The instrumental of track 1 was produced by DJ Nerd42 by sampling the album, “Distant Worlds; Music from Final Fantasy.”
archive.org download

Track list:
01. Deltron 3030 Bombing Mission (beat by DJ Nerd42) 04:49
02. Birth of Things You Can Do (beat by Lost Perception) 03:14
03. Anxious Contact (beat by The Specialist) 03:56
04. One Winged Virus (beat by Lost Perception) 03:11
05. Cid’s Upgrade (beat by Lost Perception) 03:43
06. Aerith the Mastermind (beat by Lost Perception) 02:17
07. Midgar Madness (beat by The Specialist) 04:01
08. Cry of Time (beat by Lost Perception) 04:45
09. Random Battlesong (beat by DJ Green Lantern) 04:19
10. Love Strife (beat by Lost Perception) 02:39
11. Turks Loss (beat by The Specialist) 03:49
12. Deltron 3030 Bombing Mission Instrumental (Bonus Track – DJ Nerd42) 04:49