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BLiND TRANCE originated as a video game remix set performed at the 2010 Otakon anime convention. Six weeks after it’s debut performance it’s released as a full-length mixtape, featuring 11 hard-hitting trance/dance/rave tracks by none other than OCRemix‘s legendary trance producer bLiNd.

This was my first time taking vocal samples from a single source, the Mega Man Animated Series. I found that by working with a single source, mixing the samples was much simpler. After I had found compressor and reverb settings I liked, I was able to use them for every sample without needing much adjustment. It also seems to make more sense in the mix, with all the samples being processed the same and having a similar sound quality. I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed with some of the voiceover performances in this series, I’ll be definitely pulling more as time goes on.

Download the album artwork: 300 DPI | 150 DPI | 72 DPI

ComputeHer’s Modemoiselle

The website Urban Dictionary defines Modemoiselle as
Noun: a woman or girl who spends too much time online, forgetting other important things like family and friends; an unhealthy cyber-addiction in the female species.

For chiptune artist ComputeHer, it’s the title of her new album, and here’s my favorite track, SysOp:

[audio: computeher-sysop.mp3]

ComputeHer is 1/2 the groundbreaking Chiptune duo 8Bit Weapon, and it’s no surprise from the energy and driving beats behind some of the tracks in Modemoiselle. The album progresses to more light-hearted and sometimes a little creepy tunes, all crystal clear and crunchy as you could want. Buy the album on her website. I’ll leave you with my second favorite off the album, rock awesomely provided for free download on ComputeHer.com

[audio: computeher-heartbeeps.mp3]