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Perelandra Records – Tide

Netlabel Perelandra Records has released a free compilation of Chiptune fusion music, taking electronic and chip elements and mixing them with organic instruments, vocals, and other soundscapes. The album features tracks from downtempo to jazz to alt rock electronic; Tide is a diverse pallet of sounds to fit your fancy. A personal favorite of mine is the track Famicom Blues by Positive Infinity, a funky tune with clean electric guitar, chiptune arpeggios and a soaring square lead. Beautiful!

Perelandra Records is also home to Daniel Capo, the artist who’s album OST we covered back in May.

Like Perelandra Records on Facebook and visit PerelandraRecords.com for more music!

Powerglove Shows us How to Make Music with Guitar Hero Controller

Turn your Guitar Hero controller into a synth instrument! It’s not as hard as you might think. And your old friend Powerglove will show you how!

You’ll need the following:

Guitar Hero Controller

Ps2 to Usb Converter:

Nostromo Gamepad or other game controller with buttons
Here’s the newer version:

A computer with Direct X

Visual Studio (or SharpDevelop):

Some programming knowledge

Guitar Pro (or another midi program, or just a sample set of notes):

effects and an amp (optional)

Have fun, and check out Powerglove while you’re at it:

MegaMan Music on Sega SoundChip

I’ll admit, I had heard of The Wily Wars but I had never played it, in fact I had no idea what it was. Turns out The Wily Wars was a game for the Sega Mega Drive (aka Genesis) in 1994 that comprised of ported versions of MegaMan 1, 2 and 3, originally for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

[audio: rm2-01-prologueandtitletheme.mp3]

What’s totally rad about this game, is all the music is re-done to play on Sega’s hardware. What that means for turbo geeks out there, if you’re into that crunch, crisp, punchy FM Synth sound, the Soundtrack for The Wily Wars has remakes of all of the MegaMan music from the first three games. Some are better than others, and some total kick ass.

The MegaMan Network has the soundtrack up as a free download! totally awesome!

And you know I had to post the CUTMAN theme >B] [audio: rm1-03-cutmanstage.mp3]


Chiptune Samples for Music Makers

I recently downloaded Nanoloop for my new iPad, in a quest to find a quick and fun way to make chippy kind of beats. I’m traveling to Germany this summer and I don’t want to bring my whole rig, but I definitly want a way to write music. Well, if you haven’t used Nanoloop, I suggest you check it out, it’s a supremely cool micromusic maker (6 tracks, each with one synth or sampler) and the interface on the iPhone/iPad is simply amazing.

What’s more amazing then any particular sequencing software, is this page I ran across today while searching for Chipmusic samples to load into Nanoloop. It holds a wealth of links to chiptune samples, and a ton of them are free. If you’re looking to make chiptune or chip inspired music and don’t know where your old gameboy is, this site will help you out.