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Anamanaguchi’s Adventure With Hatsune Miku

For the past two months, New York’s chiptune rock band Anamanaguchi has been opening for Hatsune Miku on her first headlining North American tour. Continue reading Anamanaguchi’s Adventure With Hatsune Miku


This Electronic group from Japan is known as SEXY-SYNTHESIZER. They are characterized by 1980’s arcade sound effects and familiar electronic sounds, with vocoder vocals over allathat.


The Chipophone!

DO WANT. Linus Akesson is so cool he built an 8-bit synthesizer inside an old electric organ. I’ve seen this organs all over the place in Ithaca, garages, salvo, street corners, but this has got to be the most totally rad use for one ever. Linus is from Sweden a country I don’t know much about but this video alone makes me want to. The Chipophone is awesome, and Linus has video game music skills with it, dropping into the Tetris theme and closing with a personal favorite from Megaman.