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Anamanaguchi’s Adventure With Hatsune Miku

For the past two months, New York’s chiptune rock band Anamanaguchi has been opening for Hatsune Miku on her first headlining North American tour. Continue reading Anamanaguchi’s Adventure With Hatsune Miku

Katamari Dance With Me: A Remix Tribute to Katamari Damacy

YouTube music producer Dj-Jo teams up with record label GameChops to release a dance music tribute to Katamari Damacy.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – August 18th 2014 – GameChops is excited to announce its latest in a series of high-production video game remix albums, Dj Jo’s Katamari Dance With Me. This album has been in the works for over a year, and it is the third GameChops release from the video game remixer who got his start on YouTube.

Katamari Dance With Me features five remixes of memorable tracks from the Katamari Damacy series, including fan favorites Lonely Rolling Star and Cherry Blossom Color Season. The album features polished production and upbeat Japanese vocals from Vocaloid, the Japanese voice synthesizer best known for creating virtual pop star Hatsune Miku.

As enjoyable as it is weird, Katamari Damacy revolves around the young Prince of the Cosmos, tasked with cleaning up the entire world using only a sticky, rolling ball known as a Katamari. The object of the game, to grow one’s Katamari as large as possible, exploits one of the most basic and rewarding concepts of video games, acquiring items. As the player rolls up small items like thumbtacks and pencils, the Katamari grows, allowing the rolling up of larger items like shoes and telephones. By the end of the adventure, player will be plucking trees and buildings from the Earth, all to fill the sky with stars and appease the great King of the Cosmos.

The Katamari soundtrack is as fun and memorable as the gaming experience, with sparse tongue-in-cheek vocals like “Lonely Rolling Star” and “You Are Smart.” Katamari Dance With Me builds off the charming music by combining synths, drums, and Vocaloid, the popular Japanese voice synthesizer. DJ Jo, who has amassed over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, creates a nostalgic, but thoroughly modern take on this classic gaming soundtrack.

The album features five arrangements of the Katamari soundtrack, including:

Lonely Rolling Star
Katamari on the Rocks
Roll Me In
Cherry Blossom Color Season
You Are Smart

Katamari Dance With Me is currently available on Loudr, iTunes, and Google Play. Those who purchase the album on Loudr will be able to download a remix by Grimecraft at a discount.

Download Katamari Dance With Me on Loudr

About GameChops

GameChops is a record label for video game remixes, founded by Dj CUTMAN. Founded in 2012, the label focuses on production quality and mechanical licensing to make video game music more  to casual listeners.

Learn more about GameChops: http://www.gamechops.com