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Video Game DJ Battle 2017

JoZu, a sublabel started by Dj CUTMAN focuses on new genres of EDM including happy hardcore, nightcore, and future funk. To get a feel for JoZu’s style, check out Dj CUTMAN’s live set from MAGFest’s Video Game DJ Battle.

The MAGFest Video Game DJ Battle is Dj CUTMAN’s live show mixing game remixes like Undertale with Nightcore and EDM at the greatest video game music festival in the world! These videos are a rare look into the legendary VGM and EDM rave which was started by Dj CUTMAN as an underground party in 2011.

It was brought to the MAGFest main stage in 2013, and instantly became a highlight of the festival lineup each year. Audiences of thousands rock out to a nonstop dance party featuring performances Grimecraft, Dj-Jo, A_Rival, Ben Briggs, and bLiNd.

This playlist includes an electro house set of video game music from James Landino, sound designer and composer for Harmonix, hard-hitting video game remixes from Mykah, a UK DJ and Producer. We have a set from 2ToneDisco producers from LA that make music with sound fonts and other game inspired samples. There is also a set of electro remixes and tracks from YouTuber legend The Living Tombstone.

Undertale Remix – Bonetrousle (The Living Tombstone Remix)

It’s undertales Anniversary! To celebrate one year of the game and it’s killer OST youtube legend The Living Tombstone us with his long awaited EDM remix of Papyrus’ Theme, BONETROUSLE!

Jam out to this banger and check out the rest of our Undertale remixes to keep the party going all day!

Video by Dj CUTMAN, additional CG by Beeple , art by Jaxxy!


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