The Best Super Mario World Hacks You’ve Never Played

The SNES holds a special nostalgic place for most gamers. Super Mario World definitely helped make it a success as it took the famous Mario Brothers into the next generation of 16-bit consoles in a very successful and memorable way. Its no surprise that this game has generating some amazing Rom Hacks. Here’s three must-play remakes of this classic 16-bit masterpiece.

You know the drill! Just grab the IPs files from the provided links. You’ll need an IPS patching program to apply it to your legally owned backup copy of the original Rom.

Super Mario World : Something Else


Download Patch
Original Rom: Super Mario World
What It’s Like: A fully formed sequel to Super Mario World

Super Mario World Something Else is an epic rom hack that adds some great new elements to the original. There is a great new story and villages full of friendly npcs who advance the plot along. It adds a more rpg-like feel to the game. This certainly is not a gimmick to distract from lack of quality in other places. The game plays like a professional product complete with new graphics, original music and allusions to other games in the series.

Yoshi’s Strange Quest


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Original Rom: Super Mario World
What It’s Like: If Yoshi’s Island was created with SMW engine

Yoshi’s Strange Quest is actually a sequel to another Rom Hack, Mario’s Strange Quest which is not quite as polished but also worth checking out. There’s a very involved story to both games. This one has you playing as Yoshi. The gameplay takes many elements from Yoshi’s Island, such as the throwing of eggs and Yoshi’s little mid-air scramble to go the extra couple feet on a jump. The level of polish and faithfulness to the mechanics of Yoshi’s Island is really astounding.

Super Mario World Omega


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Original Rom: Super Mario World
What It’s Like: A Mario World Tour through classic gaming nostalgia

I always liked when games had some throwback to a previous part of the series. Like the Gameboy level in Kirby’s Adventure or the abandoned ruins of the original Metroid area in Super Metroid, if you like this kind of thing you’ll love this game that takes you through Megaman and Sonic themed areas and remixes tunes from these games on the SNES. It’s not just a gimmick either! This game is challenging and fun.

With the release of Super Mario Maker, it’s time to get inspired by some of the awesome ideas in these Roms, by some awesome authors who made Mario games the hard way.

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