The Laohu – Polish The Stars

Lars Shurilla, aka The Laohu brings us a unique blend of Chiptune, guitar and crystal clear vocals. His chiptune traks were written on a Gameboy running LSDj, and the whole album as a professional mix and master. If you’re a fan of progressive chip with vocals, check out The Laohu, Polish The Starts.

Lars writes:
Polish the Stars is based on a poem by Shel Silverstein. In it, there are those who feel the stars have lost their luster and that new ones should be purchased. But all they really need is a little love and polish. Too often in today’s society, we carelessly toss away items and, occasionally, people, who seem to have outlived their usefulness. However, I think they just need a little time and love and they’ll be good as new, if not better.

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