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The Belly of the Beast: Inside the Game Boy

Are you kept awake at night trying to imagine the inside of a Game Boy? Are you ridiculed by your friends for not knowing what 8-bit actually means? Rest easy, buckos. This video by JackTech dives into the heart of the Game Boy. Envelop yourself in its majesty and find out exactly what makes this revolutionary handheld system tick.

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Trey Frey – Drift [Review]

Get ready to rip that E-Brake and counter steer into Trey Frey’s Chiptune Future Bass single, Drift.

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Castlevania Chiptunes from Mega Flare – Hunter

Today we’ve got a new release from Baltimore based chiptune musician Mega Flare. This time he turns his focus to the dark melodies of Castlevania. Using his Nintendo Gameboy running LSDj, Mega Flare collaborated with Dj CUTMAN to record each channel of the Gameboy’s sound-chip separately to mix them using Ableton Live. The result are two huge chiptune tracks with massive bass-lines and crystal clear leads. You can hear the influence of Baltimore’s clubs in Mega Flare’s drum programming. Download Hunter on Loudr or iTunes.

Download Hunter on Loudr or iTunes.

Corset Lore’s debut album released on 8static

Corest Lore CoverPhiladelphia chiptune label 8static just released Corset Lore’s debut album on Bandcamp.

Tamara Yadao, now known as Corset Lore, has released six LSDJ tracks recorded on a DMG-01 Gameboy. Track 5 uses two Gameboys and LSDJ for expanded instrumentation. The EP was mixed and mastered by Chris Burke of 8bitpeoples, and the sound is fantastic. Clean, clear gameboy chiptunes, can’t get much better than that. The music is as creative as it is powerful.

Tamara is a New York City based Chiptune musician releasing with Philadelphia chipmusic label 8static.

The album is available from 8static.bandcamp.com. Follow Corset Lore on Facebook.