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Corset Lore’s debut album released on 8static

Corest Lore CoverPhiladelphia chiptune label 8static just released Corset Lore’s debut album on Bandcamp.

Tamara Yadao, now known as Corset Lore, has released six LSDJ tracks recorded on a DMG-01 Gameboy. Track 5 uses two Gameboys and LSDJ for expanded instrumentation. The EP was mixed and mastered by Chris Burke of 8bitpeoples, and the sound is fantastic. Clean, clear gameboy chiptunes, can’t get much better than that. The music is as creative as it is powerful.

Tamara is a New York City based Chiptune musician releasing with Philadelphia chipmusic label 8static.

The album is available from 8static.bandcamp.com. Follow Corset Lore on Facebook.


The third volume in an on-going Chiptune and Chipmusic mix series, CHIPTOPIA is now available for free download and stream via Soundcloud. Featuring music by some of chiptune’s finest writers and musicians, including Sabrepulse, Electric Children, and FantomenK, Chiptopia is a welcome departure from the harsh and dark nature of today’s dance music.

Started back in the summer of 2011, Chiptopia seeks to represent a time and place where music is flourishing. A variety of sounds, styles and formats, I imagine Chiptopia to be a place that supports music and art to the fullest. This mix takes the listener on a journey through such a place, crafting a feeling of moving from venue to venue, hearing the complimenting elements of each song and artist, ultimately painting a picture of a night out in a musical Utopia.

Chiptopia is influenced heavily by my experiences in Ithaca, New York, the place where I first began studying electronic music production and DJing.

Featuring music by Sabrepulse, Electric Children, Trey Frey, FantomenK, Fighter X, Bitshifter, Coova and little-scale, Ookami, Prom Wolf, Roboctopus, Byzanite, Icarus Kid, Misfit Chris, Doomcloud, Inverse Phase, Teleidofusion, Je M’appelle, and Knife City, with additional samples from Skip Sandwich DX and Anamanaguchi

Cover art by M.L. Hope

A full tracklist is available here

RushJet1 – Forgotten Music

RushJet1 is one of my favorite Chiptune artists. Recently, Ubiktune released Forgotten Music. The album combines the old, the new, and the forgotten music from RushJet1’s past into one album. Several songs have been unfinished for years and have been given a proper ending, while others are re-imaginings of older songs.

“Enjoy listening through these. I know I enjoyed writing them!” — RushJet1.

ChipTuneMusic Vol. 2: DUBTROPOLIS

Dj CUTMAN has released ChipTuneMusic Volume II: Dubtropolis. Defined by undeniable warbles, melodic chiptunes, and driving 8-bit drums, Dubtropolis is a 54 minute aural journey. Mixing tracks from fifteen of the world’s top Chiptune artists, Dj CUTMAN crafts the soundscape of a dystopian world set in the year 20XX. Guest DJ Doctor Z throws down with his signature underground dub. As always offered as a free download from SoundCloud.com.