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Rushjet1 – Mega Man 3 Remade

It’s rare an album comes along that gets me as excited as this one. Chiptune musician Rushjet1 has re-created the entire soundtrack to MegaMan 3. The result is over 45 minutes of fresh Megaman chiptunes. It must have been a huge undertaking, re-creating over 30 tracks including Wily’s Castle from the Gameboy version, but the result is an epic, wonderful collection from one of my all time favorite Megaman games.
Download it now on Bandcamp at name your price!

RushJet1 – Forgotten Music

RushJet1 is one of my favorite Chiptune artists. Recently, Ubiktune released Forgotten Music. The album combines the old, the new, and the forgotten music from RushJet1’s past into one album. Several songs have been unfinished for years and have been given a proper ending, while others are re-imaginings of older songs.

“Enjoy listening through these. I know I enjoyed writing them!” — RushJet1.

Day After Christmas Carol with RushJet1

I’m happy to be posting this track, a Chiptune version of the classic Christmas carol O Holy Night. RushJet1 does an excellent job as usual, with an upbeat and rocking Chip cover with depth in both composition and mood. I really like this tune. Merry Christmas.

[audio: rushjet1-oholynight.mp3]