The Rocky Horror Chiptune Show

The unconventional conventionists at geekbeatradio have re-made the cult classic ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in chiptunes and it is sweeter than Little Nell’s hot patootie. The movie, which is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year has been a beacon to weird kids everywhere and has a long celebrated history of live shows, fun songs and debauchery.

Check out some of the re-imagined tunes below:

There’s a youtube playlist, and you can grab the album here.

The album was arranged by BifflecupSam MulliganDed BoyzRobotsexmusicMCFacepalmAstro LogicT-T)b, and
Donut Shoes, produced by Jamie Billings (Unicorn Princess)

If you want to catch the live action version and you’re close to Philadelphia, why not see our own local cast Transylvanian Nipple Productions at The Ritz Friday October 23rd, The Peter Sterling Ball on October 30th, or the Levoy Theater October 31st!

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