This DIY-ed Table Brings the OG of Arcades To Life

In previous stories, we’ve covered making gaming tables from IKEA products and pocket sized synth players. Now we’ve found one intrepid DIY gamer who made an old air hockey table into a full-sized retro Pong machine.


The sleekly designed mechanical Pong table captures everything that was great about Pong It’s a simple but deceptively challenging game without any frills. Old-school fans might notice that the shape of Perdomo’s cabinet is inspired by vintage Pong at home consoles that were produced in the 1980s. The board is illuminated by LED lights, including the scores and you play by turning knobs, just like in the original game. The sensors are so complex you can even play against the computer.

Creator Daniel Perdomo demonstrate how he and his friends created the Pong table in the Youtube video below. The sped-up video doesn’t capture how many hours of painstaking designing, building and wiring go into a project of this magnitude, but you can clearly see the Pong table is way more than an afternoon’s project. The Pong table took the creators over two years to complete. Perdomo and his friend aren’t professionals, either—they claim they learned everything they needed to build the Pong table from online DIY communities.

Don’t expect any do it yourself instructions to be found for the Pong table, however. Perdomo and the gang want to mass produce their hand crafted Pong tables and they’re looking for financial backing. As far as we know, they haven’t opened a Kickstarter (yet) but we here at Video Game DJ are ready to let them take our money whenever. Keep track of further developments at their Facebook page.

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