What Are They Serving at Supper Mario Broth?

Think you know everything about the Mario Brothers? Think again, nerd. The crew at the blog Supper Mario Broth (author’s note: best blog title ever) know every dang thing about the iconic franchise and they’re generously sharing it with the world.

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Ever wanted to make tiny Mario shoot fire or dance on a climbing vine? They’ll show you how!

Looking for vintage promotional material, manga and concept sketches? Check em out!

Beefcake Mario is the Best Mario

Maybe you’d like an audio file of every single sound in Super Mario 64? Here ya go, kid

Or a tutorial on how to make the Treasure Ship appear in the first level in Super Mario 3? You really can do that!

Don’t go to Supper Mario Broth if you’ve got anything else you should be working on today (unless you write for a video game blog), because we guarantee you’ll spend the rest of your day saving gifs, learning secrets and reliving the best games ever.

If you’ve got something you think should be posted at SMB, you can submit it to the blog, or go to their store and support the fine people bringing you this nerdy goodness.

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