Will & Tim – Yuna (Final Fantasy X Tropical House Remix)

It’s time again for summer jams, this track is a smooth, breezy, beachy tune to chill out to by the waves or in a lounge chair with a frosty beverage. These tropical house tunes will transport you, thanks to Will & Tim joining GameChops bringing this Final Fantasy X remix of Yuna’s Theme.  Welcome Will & Tim to the fam by downloading their track and sharing the video.

Yuna is available for download!
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New to GameChops, Will & Tim are making their debut with a track from Final Fantasy X. Yuna is the eponymous character theme for one of the game’s main characters and the love interest of the protagonist. Yuna comes from the gorgeous tropical Island of Besaid. Will & Tim capture the spirit of the calming Besaid coast perfectly with this tropical house remix.

Be sure to download Yuna and follow Will & Tim so you can take their track along to your favorite beach spot and soak up the sun.

Loudr ► http://bit.ly/yunaloudr
iTunes ► http://bit.ly/yunaitunesgc
Amazon ► http://bit.ly/yunaamazon
Play ► http://bit.ly/yunaplay
Spotify ► http://bit.ly/yunaspotifygc

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► https://www.facebook.com/willandtimof…
► https://twitter.com/willtimofficial
► https://www.twitch.tv/willandtim

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