Forest = ВИН!

Здравствуйте! For those of you who don’t speak Russian, Hello! We want to showcase this awesome project between the Chiptunes = WIN and Forest netlabels, Forest = ВИН! (Forest = WIN!)

Combining submissions from Chiptunes = WIN Volume 5 and bonus tracks by ap0c, Jogurt and Kubbi, Chiptunes = WIN collaborated with Forest to make this sweet album. Forest Label is a brand new netlabel based in Norway and Russia that focuses on chiptune and retrowave music. Forest is now one of the pioneers of live chipmusic performance and chipmusic distribution in Russia. Forest = ВИН! features music from artists both new and known to the scene.

If you want to get your hands on all this music, go over to the Forest Bandcamp and pay what you want.
You can also visit and follow Forest on Facebook!


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