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Cheap Dinosaurs – Triangle Trash

Cheap Dinosaurs new album Triangle TrashCheap Dinosaurs, the Philadelphia chiptune supergroup, have launched their first album in three years on Sunday via 8static. Triangle Trash is six incredible tracks by the band, incorporating programmed chiptunes alongside live guitar, drums, and synthesizers.

Cheap Dinosaurs is lead by Dino Lionetti, and features other notable philly chip artists Animal Style, Chipocrite, Bucky and An0va. The band has been performing since 2008.

Download Cheap Dinosaurs – Triangle Trash from Bandcamp

The Laohu – Polish The Stars

Lars Shurilla, aka The Laohu brings us a unique blend of Chiptune, guitar and crystal clear vocals. His chiptune traks were written on a Gameboy running LSDj, and the whole album as a professional mix and master. If you’re a fan of progressive chip with vocals, check out The Laohu, Polish The Starts.

Lars writes:
Polish the Stars is based on a poem by Shel Silverstein. In it, there are those who feel the stars have lost their luster and that new ones should be purchased. But all they really need is a little love and polish. Too often in today’s society, we carelessly toss away items and, occasionally, people, who seem to have outlived their usefulness. However, I think they just need a little time and love and they’ll be good as new, if not better.

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Starpilot – Ragged Smile

The Waveform Generators is a new netlabel and blog focusing on the fusion of chiptune with rock, experimental, and vocal music. Their debut release from Starpilot is a meticulous, psychedelic chiptune with live drums and vocals. It is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

More Starpilot on Bandcamp