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SMILETRON: Daydreams

New release from Smiletron, a four track EP called Daydreams. Check out the post on 8bc to download it for free.
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In the opening track Sleepyhead, Smiletron brings an emotive and honest compositions to life through the use of a warm chiptune lead and finely produced backing tracks. It follows with a the Sleepyhead Astro Remix, a expansive, dance version of the opening track. Smiletron does an excellent job of maintaining theme throughout the album, the acoustic piano track Somewhere Else takes us to a new space, but somehow it feels familiar. The closing track is a solo piano arrangement, that sets us down peacefully. Smiletron comes through with tight production and a warm master, Daydreams is the next level for this talented young musician.

The album also comes with a letter from smiletron.

[audio: 02-Sleepyhead-(Astro-Mix).mp3]


This Electronic group from Japan is known as SEXY-SYNTHESIZER. They are characterized by 1980’s arcade sound effects and familiar electronic sounds, with vocoder vocals over allathat.


Spamtron – Never Say Die

Spamtron - Never Say Die (2009)
I had to post about SPAMTRON’s album NEVER SAY DIE, because it is current residing as chief hotness in my headphones. Hard but not overly agressive, NEVER SAY DIE is high-energy electro chip goodness. Spamtron even throws it back with tracks like “Chrono Tripper” and “Wizards and Wozzards.”

I can’t stop listening to the track “No Noobs Pros Only.” Here’s what it sounds like.


Both of Spamtron’s albums are available for free on his website, iAmSpamtron.com.