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bLiNd – NESteryears

NESterYears-Black-Cover-GCMAGfest may be over, but GameChops is just heating up! This new release is a huge milestone, Overclocked Remixer bLiNd has created TEN remixes based on games from the Nintendo Entertainment System; Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, Castlevania and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few! It’s called NESteryears and you can download it right now!

I’ve been listening to bLiNd’s music for nearly a decade, it is a great honor to have worked with him to release this album. Some of you may remember my bLiNd Trance mix from back in 2010, which showcased my appreciate for bLiNd’s music.

NESteryears is a licensed remix album thanks to a collborative effort between GameChops and Joypad Records.

Dj CUTMAN – WiiU Grooves

Last week I got a WiiU, and felt oddly inspired by that long firmware update that happens as soon as you turn the thing on. I sat content, tidying up my living room and listening to the tunes Nintendo put together to sooth the frayed nerves of excited gamers everywhere. I felt oddly inspired, and created a 9 track album of remixes sampled from the WiiU. Download now from my site:


The album is name-your-price with no minimum, so download for free if you’d like. Support me by sharing the link to this album with your friends online. Shoot me a message on twitter @VideoGameDJ and let me know what you think!


Moontone – Gettin’ Crunk In Tha Castle

Fresh out tha bassbins of hell, comes 4 tracks to rip open ya skull and whip that booty into shape. Bring tha 40s, wine (?) and zombie biddies, A Money and T Dog are throwing tha baddest party of them all. Just don’t expect to escape from tha castle alive.

All tracks created by moontone and SKGB using samples from Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse and Castlevania 1 NES Sound Format (.nsf) files and custom built and sequenced drum loops and bass lines. Mastering done at Emerald City Studios.

Download on Bandcamp. Released by GameChops.