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Star Fox 64 is Finally Getting the Sequel You’ve Always Wanted

I’m so excited about this new Star Fox Zero footage I can barely think straight. I have been waiting for this moment for 18 years. I can’t even– just… you just watch this right now:

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SmashTalk – James Landino

Hi all, Cutman here! I just released the second episode of my 1v1 Interview show SmashTalk. The idea combines competitive gameplay with conversatoinal interview. My guest was James Landino, sound designer for Harmonix Music Systems, and video game remixer! Check out the video.

Want more? Watch the pilot episode with Brentalfloss. If you like the show, support it by subscribing to the channel!

Dj CUTMAN – WiiU Grooves

Last week I got a WiiU, and felt oddly inspired by that long firmware update that happens as soon as you turn the thing on. I sat content, tidying up my living room and listening to the tunes Nintendo put together to sooth the frayed nerves of excited gamers everywhere. I felt oddly inspired, and created a 9 track album of remixes sampled from the WiiU. Download now from my site:


The album is name-your-price with no minimum, so download for free if you’d like. Support me by sharing the link to this album with your friends online. Shoot me a message on twitter @VideoGameDJ and let me know what you think!