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Friday Freakout: Auxcide is Awesometastic!!!

So just the other day  I was listening to the recently released goodness that is the Pxl-Bot compilation “One Year Later”; it has some stellar chipjams on it worth checking out, no doubt about it (just check out Pxl-Bot in general. IT RULES. ). One of the tracks that I kept returning to, however, was the first track, “Impact” by Auxcide. So I did me some googling of this yet unheard of (by me) West Coast chipper to see what else he had available. AND I FOUND THIS:

Of Atoms and Stardust
by Auxcide

I believe it was just last Friday that I mentioned how much I love pleasant surprises, and this definitely qualifies as another one of those!  Seriously, man, some LSDJx2 goodness right here if I’ve ever  heard it! Epic, spacey, chipsteppy, dancey, gloriously melodic goodness FOR. THE. WIN.  I love the flow, the progression, the energy  of the album (the sequencing is done excellently), and the inclusion of a bonus mp3 of the entire album in one track  for gapless playback really  shows that off (very cool little bonus!). Also, did I mention that Of Atoms and Stardust is his debut album (& it JUST released)???  :OOO -head asplodes- INORITE?!? Auxcide is simply another stellar example of some of the up and coming talent that’s bursting forth into the chiptune scene with a fury of a thousand angry comets (I HAVE FURY!!!!!). Again I say, there is no better time to be involved in chiptunes, as an artist and/or a fan, than right now. More and more crazy, awesome goodness to come, of that much I am certain. At any rate, give this awesometastic duder’s chipalbum of WIN a solid listen as soon as you get a chance (and send the dude some money! He deserves it!! ). OR THE ANGRY COMETS WILL COME FOR YOU.  Or not. But you would miss out on some awesome chipmusic and that’s almost as bad.


Friday Freakout: Vacation Wasteland EP by Slime Girls

Oh the joy of the pleasant surprise. Honestly, one of my favorite things about Chiptune is how a brand new artist that you’ve never heard of before can just come blasting onto the scene with a killer album out of fuggin’ nowhere. Case in point:

Vacation Wasteland

by Slime Girls

Seriously, I was just chilling in Areciboradio.com‘s chatroom during Obtuse’s 8 Bit Power Hour chiptune show (Man, did we throw an awesome listening party for the Chiptunes = WIN compilation there or what?!? \m|♥|m/ ;D ) when he up and decided to play a few Slime Girls tracks and completely blow my mind.  Nothing I had ever heard or heard of  before. So I did what any self respecting nerd would do: I googled ’em. And was very happy with what I found. To borrow a few words from Pterodactyl Squad, the netlabel that released their EP a few days ago:

“Bright blue pixellated waves lap against the pink sand as you quench your thirst on an ice cold cocktail. Over the gentle lull of the tide, you can hear the warm sounds of surf, ska, reggae and chip. You watch the musical notes float by. Slime Girls are playing in the distance and their debut EP is the chiptune soundtrack to your summer.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums ’em up. hahaha Sound somewhat like Anamanguchi and The Revengineers (soaring electric guitars, crashing drums, LSDJ leads & bass), but definitely have enough of their own sound to stand out; more of a surf rock/guitar sound than the aforementioned bands, which is something I could enjoy hearing a lot more of (well, that and Chipblues! GOD I LOVE CHIPBLUES~~ ).

So yeah, check ’em out when you get a chance. =) SAY FOR INSTANCE THIS MONDAY NIGHT AT THEIR LISTENING PARTY DURING THE NERDYJUNKFOOD SHOW ON ARECIBORADIO aka Listening Party Radio!!  Will be good times for sure, as it always is; and the more, the merrier, so come! And bring friends!! =D


Friday Freakout: Inverse Phase + NIN = OH HELLZ YEAH!!

Chiptune covers of songs are f*cking awesome (like this Genesis one for instance). Personally, I get a real kick out of hearing some of my favorite songs, both old and new, transformed into Chiptunes. It’s a best of both worlds kinda thing. And when I’m in the mood for this niche within a niche, there’s one guy in particular that I always go to:

Brendan Becker
aka Inverse Phase

Whether it’s his collection of nerdy anthems on Retrocovered, a handful of various, awesome singles, or even his Guilty Gear chiptune cover album, the dude has some highly entertaining and very detail oriented covers absolutely worth checking out. Of course, if you want originals he’s got that happening too! Both the soundtracks for Shuttle Scuttle (Three-Stage FTW!!!) and Super Smash Land that he composed are excellent, and so are the original tracks in the Exclusives section of his bandcamp page.

But more importantly…


I’ve always just been a casual NIN fan myself; more familiar with the singles than anything. That said, from the little bits that I’ve heard from this album (yes, I’ve got in on some early listens. I’M SPECIAL! WHAT OF IT?? ;3 ) he’s got me ready to wrestle a pack of Narwhals to own the sucker!! And I’m not the only one! His Kickstarter for the project collected over $3,600 in donations to make it happen, which is $1,000 over the initial goal set for the project. Quite  a vote of confidence from his fans! If you didn’t get in on that action, though, don’t you worry! You can still pre-order a copy of the album on his Bandcamp RIGHT HERE, either digital download ($6) or CD ($9). And you should. RIGHT DAMN NOW. Or Trent Reznor will teleport into your house via a magical flash drive and punch you in the genitals with a pixelated gauntlet of pain and angst. Or maybe not. But you would still miss out on the album and that would suck almost as badly, amirite? IAMRITE. ;)

Also, there will be  one of those crazy awesome listening parties for this chippy goodness on Areciboradio on the same date. Check out the details of that RIGHT HERE. In the meantime, stay tuned to IP’s Facebook & Twitter accounts and listen to Areciboradio for further details & chippy goodness!!


MUSICIANS: Great Advice from IFightDragons

OCRemix tweeted this interview with I Fight Dragons, explaining how they’ve got their 10,000 fans in the past year. They explain the concept of “True Fans,” the most awesome people an artist could hope for.

“…a True Fan is not a possession. It’s a relationship. As such, it grows and changes, and people come and go as you grow, and as they grow and their lives change.”

Very cool insight from the nerdtacular group, definitly worth a read.