Friday Freakout: Seven Ubiktune albums for $1 = CHIP INSTABUY!!!!!!!

Typically I just write about one new album per Friday. Today, however, I’MA CHEAT & BREAK THE HELL OUTTA THAT RULE.  8) SEVEN DIFFERENT ALBUMS FROM UBIKTUNE COMING RIGHT ATCHA!!! Yoann Turpin‘s “Rhythm ‘N’ Bits” Coda‘s “Tracer” Danimal Cannon‘s “Roots” Maxo‘s “Fakebit 2010” subPixel‘s “The Wave” zabutom‘s “Zeta Force” Shnabubula‘s “Game Genie” And all of these INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING  releases … Continue reading Friday Freakout: Seven Ubiktune albums for $1 = CHIP INSTABUY!!!!!!!

Ubiktune – Equilibrium

I stumbled upon this album by way of Brandon L Hood and the Chiptunes=WIN facebook group, and I’m still in awe. Released in April of 2011 by netlabel Ubiktune, Equilibrium is a multiple artist comp of soothing, chilled out NES chiptune, unlike anything else I’ve heard. Original Sound Version writes: “Equilibrium features 9 talented NES … Continue reading Ubiktune – Equilibrium

C-Jeff – Still Flying: Original Chiptune Album

C-Jeff’s Still Flying is a 13 track album comprised of some of C-Jeff’s earliest music from 2002. With heavily-delayed leads, rolling basslines, rich arpeggios, and rocking drum grooves, C-Jeff exposes us to invigorating but also tranquilizing music.

aivi & surasshu | The Black Box

Ubiktune’s new release has me in awe. We’ve covered some of this netlabel’s other releases in the past, but nothing has quite struck at a chord  with me like this release (oh man, that was a music pun… someone summon brentalfloss) The Black Box is a collaborative album from two artists, pianist Aivi and chiptune … Continue reading aivi & surasshu | The Black Box