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I don’t take vacations often, but this week by some miracle I will be taking a trip to New Hampshire to chill out, write some chiptunes in the comfort of nature, and check out the Classic Arcade Museum. To celebrate a very real chance of me actually relaxing, I want to offer you all a way to chill out in this hot weather with some of my music! So, for this week only all of my albums are 50% off!Just enter code: SUMMER

GameChops Vol. 1
If you’re into Video Game Music, I strongly suggest checking out GameChops Vol. 1, my first studio remix album and the one that started it all. Featuring remixes of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Ninja Gaiden and MegaMan, this album has some of my favorite tracks of all time!


Chiptune Hero
If you’re more of an 8-bit fan at heart, Chiptune Hero can’t be beat! Featuring covers of Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Owl City, Coheed and Cambria, all legally cleared and ready for summer! Plus the digital download includes a bonus video game remix!


Bagu and the Riverman
Feeling more like a hybrid of EDM and Zelda-inspired Chiptune? The Bagu and the Riverman, my collaborative album with chiptune legend Spamtron is for you! Five progressive bass-blasting tracks are sure to heat your parties up1


GameChops Vol. 2
Last on the list but definitly not least is my most recent album GameChops Vol. 2! Released at this years MAGFest,  GameChops Vol. 2 takes everything I’ve learned from producing my previous three albums and creates a louder, prouder, over 20-track video game remix album!


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