Pokémon FLO – James Landino – Lavender Town Remix

James Landino is hijacking the Pokémon Go hype train and taking it off the rails with his new Lavender Town remix. Take a break from the last twenty minutes of staring at that Gyarados loading screen and listen to Pokémon FLO!

James Landino, the rhythm game king, has returned with a house track that will make you jump so much that you’ll think you’re in a bouncy castle. Landino is well known for his jazzy house style and his clever use of video game sound effect samples in his remixes. He definitely lives up to his reputation here in Pokémon FLO. The juxtaposition of the hard dance chorus and the Lavender Town theme makes for a really fun and interesting track. You can download Pokémon FLO for free via Toneden. If you like Pokémon FLO then take a listen to James Landino’s other music and give him a follow!


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