Splatoon Remix – Long Live Splatfest (Mykah’s Electro House Remix)

Mykah, The UK’s coolest chiptune/dance DJ and GameChops veteran, returns with a bittersweet farewell to Splatoon’s fan favorite event in Long Live Splatfest. Sounding like it came from the game itself, Mykah’s signature hard chiphouse style fits right in with the Splatoon soundtrack.

Long Live Splatfest is available for free via Toneden

It has been a little over a year since splatoon’s release and it is still far too soon to see Splatfest end. However, it is nice to see them go out with a bang rather then a gradual decline into obscurity. We really hate to see Splatfest go, but we’ll still remember all of those fun weekends and all of the friendships challenged by your team choice. Thanks to Mykah for a great way to celebrate the wonderful memories! To show him support, make sure you download the track and follow Mykah.

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