Reunited (Arcien Nightcore Remix) from “Hopes & Dreams”

This week, we wrap up video series of our Undertale remix album by the amazing Arcien. If you haven’t heard it yet, Hopes & Dreams is a remix album of Undertale music, piloting us through the story with emotional and story-inspired music. Arcien captures different scenes and feelings from Undertale through a host of musical styles.


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“Reunited” is the capstone music video for the Hopes & Dreams album. The video is a beautiful memorial to the Undertale story. It contains many spoilers and if you haven’t played the game yet, than it is best to do so first before watching the video. We are taken by the hand through some of Undertale’s best moments as we reminisce on our experiences along the journey. Those who have played the game will surely get a lot out of this music video. If you enjoyed it, then show some support by purchasing the album and checking out more of Arcien and Gamechops!



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