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Reunited (Arcien Nightcore Remix) from “Hopes & Dreams”

This week, we wrap up video series of our Undertale remix album by the amazing Arcien. If you haven’t heard it yet, Hopes & Dreams is a remix album of Undertale music, piloting us through the story with emotional and story-inspired music. Arcien captures different scenes and feelings from Undertale through a host of musical styles.


Download Hopes & Dreams

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Cave Story remix by Dj CUTMAN

I really like this song. I was working on another project but couldn’t stop listening to this piece over and over, so I decided to slow it down, and give it some neo-soul drums and groove. What I like the most about this beat is that I doubled the sample up an octave, hooked it into a sidechain compressor to give it a sort of airy presence. You can hear it solo’d in the drop at 1:35

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Samples composed by Pixel

Entire Cave Story Soundtrack Arranged for Piano

If you haven’t played Cave Story (also known as Doukutsu Monogatari), you need to take some time and play it, right now. This free retro-revival game is a platformer to save all platformers, a charming and challenging game with extensive weapons and a wonderful soundtrack.

Below is a medley of the entire soundtrack arrange for piano by Sebastian Wolff.

Download the game for free, right here.