Star Fox 64 is Finally Getting the Sequel You’ve Always Wanted

I’m so excited about this new Star Fox Zero footage I can barely think straight. I have been waiting for this moment for 18 years. I can’t even– just… you just watch this right now:

I CAN’T STOP REPLAYING IT. That totally looks like Corneria! The graphics look amazing! There’s the old hit counter, health bar, and gold rings! Targeting multiple enemies, and the controls look nearly identical to Star Fox 64! Did I mention the graphics? Giant space armadas with huge ships you can destroy! Free Range Mode! Slippy! ROB 64! Oh god, there’s the Landmaster! And to top it all off, there’s a great nod to the original Star Fox theme song in the music!

…whew. Deep breath. Now that I’ve thoroughly and properly freaked out about this, let’s try to be a bit more focused. Clearly Nintendo has decided to go back to the series’s roots and provide more of the gameplay that made the N64 classic such a huge success, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. None of this Star Fox Adventures faux-Zelda crap, no more playing Star Fox Assault wishing it were slightly… less bad. Just good old-fashioned Star Fox awesomeness! So exciting!

Personally, I’m holding out hope for a special Star Fox Zero Wii U bundle… I haven’t bought the console yet, and this game is absolutely the perfect reason for me to finally spend the money and get a Wii U. If you don’t have one yet, the time has come.

Star Fox Zero is scheduled for release in March 2016. You can follow Ben Briggs on Twitter and Facebook, or read more of his articles here.

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