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The Chipophone!

DO WANT. Linus Akesson is so cool he built an 8-bit synthesizer inside an old electric organ. I’ve seen this organs all over the place in Ithaca, garages, salvo, street corners, but this has got to be the most totally rad use for one ever. Linus is from Sweden a country I don’t know much about but this video alone makes me want to. The Chipophone is awesome, and Linus has video game music skills with it, dropping into the Tetris theme and closing with a personal favorite from Megaman.

Skateboards + Snowboards + 8Bit Games = Gnarcade

A videogame invasion has hit Mt Hood and High Cascade! This gnarly video is perhaps the most kick-ass skateboard/snowboard video ever to hit human eyeballs, with slick editing and compositing of 8Bit Video Games, with killer tunes by GroundUpSounds. The film was directed by Mike Benson as part of The Knife Show. All these written words are starting to get boring. Watch the video!

Electrochip “Elements” by Superspink

Superspink: Elements
While fumbling around for hours setting up the Dj CUTMAN MySpace, I ran across Superspink’s MySpace. I had heard a collab with Rhodo4 on 8bitcollective, so I was excited to hear what Superspink brought on their own. I was instantly drawn to the sweet anime-style art on Superspink’s page. That allure was quickly overshadowed by the Superspink’s high-energy, electro chippish music with a lot of atmosphere and great production. Better yet, Superspink offers two 5-track albums for free download. Very cool.


Spamtron – Never Say Die

Spamtron - Never Say Die (2009)
I had to post about SPAMTRON’s album NEVER SAY DIE, because it is current residing as chief hotness in my headphones. Hard but not overly agressive, NEVER SAY DIE is high-energy electro chip goodness. Spamtron even throws it back with tracks like “Chrono Tripper” and “Wizards and Wozzards.”

I can’t stop listening to the track “No Noobs Pros Only.” Here’s what it sounds like.


Both of Spamtron’s albums are available for free on his website, iAmSpamtron.com.