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Chiptune Samples for Music Makers

I recently downloaded Nanoloop for my new iPad, in a quest to find a quick and fun way to make chippy kind of beats. I’m traveling to Germany this summer and I don’t want to bring my whole rig, but I definitly want a way to write music. Well, if you haven’t used Nanoloop, I suggest you check it out, it’s a supremely cool micromusic maker (6 tracks, each with one synth or sampler) and the interface on the iPhone/iPad is simply amazing.

What’s more amazing then any particular sequencing software, is this page I ran across today while searching for Chipmusic samples to load into Nanoloop. It holds a wealth of links to chiptune samples, and a ton of them are free. If you’re looking to make chiptune or chip inspired music and don’t know where your old gameboy is, this site will help you out.


SUPER MEAT BOY Coming out soon!

For those of you who missed the epic platformer flash game MEAT BOY you should click one of those links and check it out right now.

For everyone who knows what I’m talking about, you should be super excited because SUPER MEAT BOY is coming out in less than two days! Featured as downloadable game for WiiWare, XBox Live, and PC that has already recieved rave reviews. I’ll let a little copy paste action explain:
Super Meat Boy is a game where you play as a boy without skin whos girlfriend who is made of bandages gets kidnapped by a fetus in a tuxedo wearing a top hat and a monocle.

Super Meat Boy features platforming madness spanning over 300 levels of saws, disease, fire, lasers, missiles, and various other traps that Meat Boy must avoid to rescue is lady love.

Right? who couldn’t love that? The flash version is super fun and deliciously meaty, so I’m super stoked to heave my credit card at my TV to get SUPER MEAT BOY when it’s out!

I particularly enjoy the F.A.Q. posted on their website:

Question: When is this coming out on PS3?
Answer: Never.

Question: Why should I pay for this? Its free on Newgrounds!
Answer: It’s not the same game idiot, die in a carpet fire.

Question: Where is the level editor?
Answer: Maybe.


Cyborg on Cyborg Violence: KONFIRMED

NetherRealms Studios, formerly WB Games Chicago formerly Midway Chicago, kontinue to make me interested in Mortal Kombat again with the release of some new screen shots as well as a kouple kharacter announcements.  The new game is kalled Mortal Kombat, which should tell you that the kreators are aiming to take the series back to its gory roots. The two newest kombatants to join the roster are Cyrax and Kitana. They are joining an, already, impressive list of fighters including: Shao Kahn, Raiden, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Nightwolf, Mileena, Kung Lao, Sektor, and Reptile.  This list is far from the final roster, so you kan still expect to see Scorpion and perhaps some new faces to join the old. After releasing 3D MK games since Mortal Kombat 4 and the toned down T-rated violence of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Mortal Kombat is finally returning to glorious, gory 2D. The addition of a super meter and tag battles will bring new life to the series that will make it feel right at home next to Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3. As the game komes kloser to release more solid information about the new systems will be shared.

If you prefer you Mortal Kombat action non-polygonal then I have some exciting news for you too! ShopTo.net recently was the second online shop to have a listing for a Mortal Kombat Arcade Compilation (Kompilation?) for the PS3 and 360. According to rumors it will release before the end of the year at a budget price. It will include Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel the itch to start upper cutting some fools onto spikes.

Trailer for Mortal Kombat


The biggest and best collection of video game culture you will find this summer, Bit Gen Gamer Fest is a rock concert/art show exclusively dedicated to the world of gaming. Come see 12 of the biggest names in the video game music scene rock out, appreciate some pixelated art work, and play games to your hearts delight on full arcade cabinets and a Wall of Consoles with every gaming system you can imagine.

Featuring Powerglove, The Protomen, Makeup & Vanity Set, Entertainment System, The Megas, The OneUps, Year 200X, This Place is Haunted, Ultraball, The X-Hunters, Rare Candy, Armadillo Tank with M.C. Brentalfloss and Dj CUT MAN spinning all night.