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Club Kong – Donkey Kong Country Remixes by halc and GameChops

Club Kong, a Donkey Kong Country remix album by halc and GameChopsThe video game remix record label GameChops has just released Club Kong, a 6-song remix album of Donkey Kong Country music . This year marks the 20th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country’s release. Receiving high praise from both gamers and critics, Donkey Kong Country became the second-best selling Super Nintendo game of all time. It spawned several popular sequels and was revived for the Wii in 2010 as Donkey Kong Country Returns.

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The original Donkey Kong Country soundtrack, written by beloved video game composer David Wise, was released under the title DK Jamz. Described as atmospheric “jungle music”, the soundtrack features a wide range of musical styles blended with natural environmental sounds. Club Kong works popular melodies from the Donkey Kong Country series into a modern jazz fusion arrangement. Like stepping into electronic Donkey Kong jazz club, this artistic re-imagination will captivate gamers and electronic music fans alike.

Club Kong brings together a powerhouse team of talent from the video game music scene. The album is produced by Drew Wheeler, also known as halc. Halc is best known for his work with OverClocked Remix, contributing to thirteen albums since 2007. He is also the founder of 9-bit Records, a label that combines 8-bit sounds and modern electronic production. Club Kong is halc’s second album with GameChops. The album is introduced by popular youtube comedian Brentalfloss, and the album is mastered by video game remixer and founder of GameChops, Dj CUTMAN.

The album is timely given the upcoming release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the fifth installment in the Donkey Kong Country series. Club Kong is sure to generate excitement for the upcoming game in old fans and newcomers to the series. Tropical Freeze will be available for WiiU in on February 21st.

The full track list is as follows:
1. Welcome to Club Kong (DK Island Swing) ft. brentalfloss
2. Swept Away (Aquatic Ambience)
3. Monkey and Machine (Fear Factory)
4. Da Mines (Mining Melancholy)
5. Forever Frozen (In a Snow-Bound Land)
6. Da Mines (Dj CUTMAN Remix)

Download Club Kong  | http://www.loudr.fm/release/club-kong/w7TTP

David Wise is back! Let’s Look Back at Games He Worked On


davidwiseSaxophonIn some really exciting news regarding E3, Nintendo announced that fan favorite composer David Wise has returned to his roots and is now composing the music for the also announced Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze. For those who are not following me at the moment, David Wise is the chap that created the music for the Donkey Kong Country trilogy of games back in the Super Nintendo era. He joined Rareware back in 1985, with him being the only composer until the arrival of Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate, and of course, Grant Kirkhope. All those memorable tunes in the Donkey Kong Country games were created by this fellow; Jungle Hijinx, Aquatic Ambience, Stickerbrush Symphony and, my personal favorite, Forest Frenzy.


Donkey Kong Country – Forest Frenzy | David Wise

That being said, the last Donkey Kong Country game he composed was released in 1996 and, other than the ports of the DKC series to the Game Boy Advance, he hasn’t been doing much more Donkey Kong work. So, what has David Wise been up to in the period between the DKC trilogy and his upcoming soundtrack for Tropical Freeze? People say he doesn’t really get enough work but, actually, he has had plenty of work; it just hasn’t reached the popularity levels that Donkey Kong did. This piece of writing, however, is going to shed some light onto what he has been working on before his glorious return to the Donkey Kong franchise.

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