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Cutman x Complex: An oldschool hiphop/video game mixtape

I recently had the oppertunity to create a unique mix for Complex Magazine’s Video Game section. Following their E3 coverage, Complex was looking for a way to showcase the classic chiptune video game sound. Being the old school hiphop head that I am, I rounded up some of the best mashup artists who had worked with my GameChops instrumentals.

With guys like OhhhREALY and BigGanga0 from YouTube, and DJ PsyQ from Soundcloud, and some beats DJ Grumble and I put together, I set off on a hectic week of mixing, mashing, and mastering. The end result can be heard right here on Complex magazine.

I hope you enjoy the mixtape! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages, and I’m happy I finally got the opportunity from Complex.

Instrumental versions of the mash-up tracks can be downloaded on my album GameChops Vol. 1

Forgot About Dre [ Dj CUT-MAN Remix ]

Dj CUTMAN just released this track, a remix the legendary track Forgot About Dre. originally produced by Dr. Dre [ featuring Eminem ]. This remix is actually a mash-up of Dj CUTMAN’s chiptune track Forget About Dre.

Forgot About Dre [ Dj CUT-MAN Remix ] by Dj CUTMAN