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Check out ‘Good Talk’ from (T-T)b!

(T-T)b (“tee-tee-bee” unofficially) has released their debut album this week entitled ‘Good Talk’. The chiptune trio from Boston, MA sites Anamanaguchi, Weezer, and Wavves among some of their influences, which are evident in tracks like ‘Slimers’.

Joey Dussault, his brother Nick and Jake Cardinal from Dinoczar recorded an EP ‘Pizza Planet‘ last year and release their debut through Play It Loud! You can get a sweet t-shirt bundle with an album or even a cassette version!


This album is long on charm and these dreamy, chirpy jams are perfect for your summer tunes, so crank it up and have a good time! Give ‘Good Talk’ a listen after the jump!
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Tutorial: The Sunsoft DPCM Bass Trick in Famitracker

Dun Da Dunda Dun Da Da Da….
Dun Da Dunda Dun Da Da Da….

You probably heard me mention before how much I love the Sunsoft DPCM bass trick on the NES. Of all the chiptune composers, Sunfsoft’s people really set the bar high with this trick. Although it does muddy things up a little bit, the crunchy bass lines on a handful of these old NES games really stood out. Today we’ll take a look at how to build some slick DPCM bass lines in Famitracker with minimal fuss and hopefully minimal static in the final product.

Read on to find out how we get this sound out of 8-bit samples..

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Shnabubula – NES Jams

A flawless fusion of incredible piano arrangement and Famitracker NES programming, Shnabubula’s new release from Ubiktune is not to be missed. With tunes from games like Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, and MegaMan, what’s not to like?

Grab the album on Ubiktune or on Bandcamp!