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Tutorial: The Sunsoft DPCM Bass Trick in Famitracker

Dun Da Dunda Dun Da Da Da….
Dun Da Dunda Dun Da Da Da….

You probably heard me mention before how much I love the Sunsoft DPCM bass trick on the NES. Of all the chiptune composers, Sunfsoft’s people really set the bar high with this trick. Although it does muddy things up a little bit, the crunchy bass lines on a handful of these old NES games really stood out. Today we’ll take a look at how to build some slick DPCM bass lines in Famitracker with minimal fuss and hopefully minimal static in the final product.

Read on to find out how we get this sound out of 8-bit samples..

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Music Stuff: Getting Started with Chiptunes

This is an excerpt that Cutman wrote about a year ago as a guest blog author. While this is some stuff many of you probably already know, it goes great with our indie musician series and is the perfect place to start if you’re thinking about delving into creating your own tunes!

8-bit music, or Chiptune, is the art of creating new music with classic, nostalgia-inducing sounds found in antiquated video games and computer hardware, like the Nintendo Entertainment System and Gameboy. Originally restricted to almost exclusive use within video games, Chiptune music has now grown well beyond the cartage into its own unique style of electronic music.

The word Chiptune was affectionately applied to this sub-genre of electronic music in the 90′s, as communities of musicians around the globe began to assemble around the love of this classic sound. The word “Chiptune” was given because the music was primarily created on a system with a single hardware sound chip (much unlike modern computers and recording equipment) Now-a-days, there are many ways to create this type of music, from running homebrew software on a modified Gameboy, to downloading standalone software and plug-ins for modern Digital Audio Workstations (DAW).

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Want a Ton of Video Game Music?

Long coveted secret website of mine KHInsider offers a sh*t ton of video game sounds all for free download. Everything from Armored Core to Zelda 2, all as awesomely cataloged MP3 downloads. In the past I had hidden this site, kept it as a secret bookmark so no one would know the source of my power… but today after waking up to the Zelda II: Adventure of Link town music and having to listen to the entire soundtrack, I knew I had to share this amazing website with the world.


Enjoy! downloads.KHInsider.com