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ChipTuesday: Je M’appelle – TOGETHER

New track from the iconless Je M’appelle, this is song is one of my favorites. It takes a dubstep kind of sound and mangles it into something atmosphereic and fun, while still carrying that air of epicness that I love so much about dubstep. The track is called TOGETHER, and you should listen to it.


Chipmusic by Je Mappelle

Chip-Musician Je Mappelle, aka Lewis Maguire released a new demo on 8bc today that I like so much it moved me to post some of his music. A LSDJ artist, Je Mappelle continues to release music that pushes the Chipmusic genre forward. Enjoy his new song, your, on 8bitcollective, and listen to a few of my favorites below.

Je Mappelle – your [audio: jemappelle-your.mp3]

Je Mappelle – fluent [audio: jemappelle-fluent.mp3]

Je Mappelle – for blood [audio: jemappelle-forblood.mp3]

Je Mappelle – latched [audio: jemappelle-latched.mp3]