Twilight: NRMN’s tribute to Twilight Princess

Twilight is a groovy future bass remix of Nintendo’s grim Zelda game from 2006, Twilight Princess. NRMN’s Gamechops debut gives the soundtrack a fabulous overhaul with heavy future bass drops, EDM vocals, and beautiful sound design.

This awesome video was edited by FuNipz. Go ahead and give this cool guy a follow on Twitter. Thanks for the great work!

Anyone familiar with the game will love the track as it is full to the brim with sound effects and samples from the actual game. For this remix, NRMN collected source material from multiple parts of Twilight Princess. NRMN highlights the Title Screen’s music in particular in a sweet bridge that builds into the second chorus.

Coming from the future bass music collective, Hebinomichi, NRMN joins Gamechops with his incredible debut track.
Welcome to the family, NRMN.

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