Vans is Making Nintendo Sneakers!

This June, sneaker heads and gamers are going to have a reason to celebrate-not to mention throw down some cash. Vans (your favorite shoes since high school) and Nintendo (your favorite game company since ever) are collaborating on a line of sneakers and they look amazing.

Having already created Beatles Vans for music nerds and Star Wars Vans for the movie nerds, they’re now coming for fans of old-school Nintendo. They’ll be releasing the designs in the classic low-top slip on Vans look as well as lace up high and low top sneakers.



The patterns will celebrate specific franchises like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt and several general Nintendo designs, like pixels and controllers. There’s plenty of preview photos, but the word is that Vans x Nintendo will have several more designs that haven’t been seen yet.

The great thing about this collection is the wearability of the patterns. Some of them, like the bright-pink Princess Peach design are more of a commitment (they’re my favorite of the collection, but no one ever called me ‘tasteful’), but the cameo Duck Hunt and the floral Donkey Kong low tops are low key while still showing your 8bit love. The fan favorite seems to be the gray, black and red high top classic controller pattern.


Word is that the collection is coming out in June, but there’s no specific date. German sneaker retailer 43einhalb has stated they’ll be selling Vans x Nintendo next month and you can sign up for updates on the collection on Vans’ website.

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