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Friday Freakout: OFF TO NERDAPALOOZA, BIZNATCHES!!! \m|♥|m/

YUP.  As this scheduled write-up automatically releases, Dj Cutman, Obtuse from 8 Bit Power Hour, myself, and a WHOLE MEGAFURKCRAPTON of other awesometastic nerds are headin’ to Nerdapalooza.



What teh furk is Nerda?!?” you dare to ask?? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWERS. Although to sum it up quickly, IT’S A GIANT VGM/CHIPMUSIC/NERDCORE PARTY OF WIN. Just *SO MANY* awesome artists!!! TOO MANY TO LIST!!! (click HERE for a full schedule of the performers). In other words, YOU DON’T WANNA MISS THIS GOODNESS. You may even meet the hot nerdy chick/dude/asexual alien lifeform of your dreams at it, WHO KNOWS??? (met my gf there last year, and we’re still dating! ;D <3 -cue the, “DAWWWWWWWWWWW~” ;3 ). So get your damn tickets already (here or at the event) and GET YOUR ASSES DOWN TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA TO PARTY WITH US!!!

See ya there~<3



MegaRan 10

It’s like someone casted Magic Missile on the darkness and brought to light all this awesome music today. Last for the blast (and ceraintly not least) is nerdcore hero MegaRan with a brand new album, MegaRan 10. Yes that’s right, hiphop takes on the themes from MegaMan 10. MegaRan is a hiphop hero with unparalleled skills and imagination, the mastermind behind Black Materia. Check out his new album below and pick it up on Bandcamp.