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Mega Ran at MAGfest

MAGfest will be welcoming back everyone’s favorite Philly-born rap hero, Mega Ran! Raheem Jarbo, aka Mega Ran, is a world-renowned nerdcore rapper, combining hip-hop, chiptune, and video game music into arguably the coolest rap genre out there. He will be joined onstage by special guest performers and frequent collaborators: K-Murdock, SkyBlew, D&D Sluggers, Sammus, KadeshFlow, 1-Up, and more! Continue reading Mega Ran at MAGfest

Remember 2015’s biggest gaming moments with Mega Ran

Let’s look back on 2015 for both the good and the bad and celebrate another great year passing to make room for an even better one.

Continue reading Remember 2015’s biggest gaming moments with Mega Ran

MegaRan 10

It’s like someone casted Magic Missile on the darkness and brought to light all this awesome music today. Last for the blast (and ceraintly not least) is nerdcore hero MegaRan with a brand new album, MegaRan 10. Yes that’s right, hiphop takes on the themes from MegaMan 10. MegaRan is a hiphop hero with unparalleled skills and imagination, the mastermind behind Black Materia. Check out his new album below and pick it up on Bandcamp.