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MegaRan 10

It’s like someone casted Magic Missile on the darkness and brought to light all this awesome music today. Last for the blast (and ceraintly not least) is nerdcore hero MegaRan with a brand new album, MegaRan 10. Yes that’s right, hiphop takes on the themes from MegaMan 10. MegaRan is a hiphop hero with unparalleled skills and imagination, the mastermind behind Black Materia. Check out his new album below and pick it up on Bandcamp.

Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII

I woke up this morning to the shock an awe of Black Materia, an original hiphop album by Random AKA MegaRan, exactly 14 years since the Japanese release of the Final Fantasy VII, the game that shattered perceptions and set the bar for storytelling and detail in RPG Games.


Listening to the songs on BandCamp, I’m still in awe. Great production, appropriate use of samples and dope vocal tone, this is an all-pro album featuring additional vocals by Brentalfloss, MC Pennywise, Devastate, Ilyas (of Tanya Morgan), Maja, Phil Harmonic, Dale Chase, and more.

With lyrics that reflect the story and taking the point of view of different characters, this record is a nerdcore achievement. Other tracks, like “Crys of the Planet” boast poignet lyrics that extend beyond the scope of the game to a transmit a socially conscience message Listen on Bandcamp or Download the Free Version from NerdcoreNow.com


All and all, this album is dope and a half. Support this killer team.