Flash Man (James Landino Remix)

STOP! It’s time (see what I did there?) to listen to the newest GameChops single–Flash Man (James Landino Remix) Flash Man (James Landino Remix) Available Now  

Pokémon FLO – James Landino – Lavender Town Remix

James Landino is hijacking the Pokémon Go hype train and taking it off the rails with his new Lavender Town remix. Take a break from the last twenty minutes of staring at that Gyarados loading screen and listen to Pokémon FLO!

James Landino – Wave Racer 1080 [Review]

Grab your jet ski and follow that dolphin with James Landino’s latest single off of StrobeNetwork Records, Wave Racer 1080.

SmashTalk – James Landino

Hi all, Cutman here! I just released the second episode of my 1v1 Interview show SmashTalk. The idea combines competitive gameplay with conversatoinal interview. My guest was James Landino, sound designer for Harmonix Music Systems, and video game remixer! Check out the video. Want more? Watch the pilot episode with Brentalfloss. If you like the … Continue reading SmashTalk – James Landino