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Dj CUTMAN – Dubstep Is Dead

I released a new mix today, originally crafted for a show with my buddies at Toats Orig. I spent this morning editing this nice little blurb on Soundcloud, so a little copy/paste action should let you know how I’m feeling >;]

Dubstep Is Dead is meant to be a eulogy for the classic meaning of the word Dubstep; a genre that got its start with underground garage mixes in the UK. This mix comprises of the tracks and artists that I believe have taken the genre to new places, incorporating elements of progressive house, electro, chiptune and tech. This is not to say that dubstep itself is gone from this planet forever, but rather it has risen like a Phoenix… here to destroy us all.

Released on Halloween 2011, a one year anniversary of live dubstep mixing for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the MIXES thus far. A big, big thank you to all the artists, blogs, and labels who’ve provided me with the music I spin, this is truly a team effort.

As a way to say thank-you, I’ve posted a complete tracklist with links to the artist’s Soundcloud pages and download locations for all of the tracks (many of them available for free).

Dubstep is Dead by Dj CUTMAN

As always, support me and these artists by sharing this mix using the buttons below. The mix is offered as a free download from Soundcloud.

Cheap Dinosaurs

Cheap Dinosaurs’ self titled album propels chiptune forward with prog-pop cosmic bitscapes.

Cheap Dinosaurs, the live Chiptune supergroup consisting of Philadelphia’s finest chiptune musicians, including Animal Style, Chipocrite, An0va, and other talented musicians who don’t have websites. Cheap Dinosaurs brings precise arrangement and tight performance to their shows and recordings.

Their newly remastered album is available on Bandcamp, including a special Limited Edition Seed Paper Release,
Hand-made seed paper with screen-printed album art that you can plant under a thin layer of soil and blue lobelias will sprout and grow. How cool is that? Released on October 18th 2011 on Data Garden.

The album is available from Data Garden.

Like Cheap Dinosaurs on Facebook. If you like them a lot, check out AUTOSCROLL.

Je M’appelle – FATE

Chip musician Je M’appelle released a new EP this weekend, entitled FATE. This five track album includes a special track zero (“0 ~ FATE”) which is a mix of all the albums track in one progressive piece. Download the music here.

Show your support for Je M’appelle by commenting on the release thread on 8bitcollective.

Ahead by Je Mappelle

Sabrepulse: First Crush EP

I am pleased to announce a new EP from Chiptune legend Sabrepulse. I’ve been waiting for this release since First Crush (featuring Knife City) premiered on Soundcloud this summer. This EP features eight tracks, including a collaboration with UK Chip Superstar Henry Homesweet who performs live with two gameboys and a DJ Mixer (low bit basement). Producing songs with Ableton Live and his Gameboy, Sabrepulse’s music feature relentless detail and masterful production.

Sabrepulse has been releasing chipmusic since 2005 (Discogs), from joyful Chiptune to aggressive ChipBRK, emotional 8-bit ballads to high energy headbanging DnB, Sabrepulse’s style is diverse. The consistency through all of Sabrepulse’s tracks can summed up with a simple phase, this is damn good music.

The title track to this production is my favorite, a genre shattering blend of Chiptune, DnB and Bassmusic, with intricate drum patterns and soaring 8-bit leads. Featuring Knife City (aka LikeLuke, the drummer from Anamanaguchi).

First Crush EP is avaiable for Name Your Price on Bandcamp.