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IT’S TIME TO GO! (Pokemon Go Remix) Dj CUTMAN ft. CG5

Had enough Pokemon GO yet? Of course you haven’t! Take 3 steps away from the game for a bit and listen to a new Pokemon GO remix by Dj CUTMAN and CG5.

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Music Stuff: Digital Audio Workstations

The Digital Audio Work Station is the core application for music producers and sound engineers. This is where you build songs, master them and do everything in between. Most of us can’t afford all of them, so this article will help you make some decisions on which ones work best for you.



cubasePrice: $249.00

Trial: 30-day free, no restrictions.





Pros: Feels like Pro Tools and Logic pro. Very user-friendly and intuitive interface. Works great with most VSTs and third-party plugins. Scales well, meaning it can use SSD drives, load massive samples and other high-end things like that.


Cons: Cubase is a little dated, sometimes you’ll find it lacking in some newer features. Real exotic VSTs sometimes are not compatable as well. It’s also quite pricy if you want the version that comes with everything you need.


Cubbase has been around a long time and expanded from an Atari tracker released in 1989 up to a full blown digital audio workstation. It’s great for recording stuff live, running VSTis and is an overal stable and familiar environment.

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Music Production – Side Chain Compression in Cutman’s new album

Over 100 people clamored on my Facebook page for a behind the scenes video from my new album, so here it is! Forgive my vagueness, I had just woken from cryosleep. My new album drops tomorrow! Check back on this blog for links n things!

Dj CUTMAN – Dubstep Is Dead

I released a new mix today, originally crafted for a show with my buddies at Toats Orig. I spent this morning editing this nice little blurb on Soundcloud, so a little copy/paste action should let you know how I’m feeling >;]

Dubstep Is Dead is meant to be a eulogy for the classic meaning of the word Dubstep; a genre that got its start with underground garage mixes in the UK. This mix comprises of the tracks and artists that I believe have taken the genre to new places, incorporating elements of progressive house, electro, chiptune and tech. This is not to say that dubstep itself is gone from this planet forever, but rather it has risen like a Phoenix… here to destroy us all.

Released on Halloween 2011, a one year anniversary of live dubstep mixing for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the MIXES thus far. A big, big thank you to all the artists, blogs, and labels who’ve provided me with the music I spin, this is truly a team effort.

As a way to say thank-you, I’ve posted a complete tracklist with links to the artist’s Soundcloud pages and download locations for all of the tracks (many of them available for free).

Dubstep is Dead by Dj CUTMAN

As always, support me and these artists by sharing this mix using the buttons below. The mix is offered as a free download from Soundcloud.