A Classical Rendition of Mario Gangsterness

This shit is gangster in a whole new degree. I want to make up a word like classical-gangster but classical music is actually a time period not a style of music, so it wouldn’t really be an accurate portmanteau. A portmanteau is like a Mash-Up with words. Woah, knowledge dropping outta nowhere. Enough talk. Here’s the vid.

Gangsariocal. There I did it. Thanks to Chance Fisher for the link.

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Mortal Kombat (Holy Shit!)

If I can use the word “literally” figurativly, I literally shit all over the room when I saw this video. Someone is actually trying to make a bad-ass Mortal Kombat movie. This short film was released with no credits as a pitch for a reimagined Mortal Kombat film.

This is what a SPAMTRON looks like

I always get a kick out of looking at the waveforms for chiptunes, they always seem to look the way they sound. The old chipsets didn’t have the resolution of modern recording equipment, so the waveforms always come out blocky and sweet like a sprite in a nintendo game. Here’s a shot of the waveform from UP, an off-the-wall-hard-core chiptune track by Spamtron. This track is so intense my volume meter barely even moves it just sits right at the top fucking my earholes open. awesome.

And of course, here’s the track.
[audio: spamtron-up.mp3]

It’s off the album D-PAD and is available on Spamtron’s Website

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