Rameses B – No Man’s Mind

Have you been busy exploring the universe in No Man’s Sky? Taking a long time to travel between planets? Well Rameses B has been busy making an original track for all you space pioneers! While you’re out on your next expedition, put on No Man’s Mind by Rameses B and let that be your soundtrack.

Rameses B is brand new to GameChops. Hailing from Leeds, UK, Rameses B champions a very atmospheric and relaxed sound. His music embodies a delightful calmness that is very reminiscent of the music and the overall feeling of No Man’s Sky. The experience that the game aims to create is a very intimate one. It doesn’t aim for the isolation of other space games like Metroid, but there is a feeling of solitude created by hours of wandering around somewhat aimlessly in parts of space that no one has ever seen. The catharsis of getting lost in a planet, discovering all of its flora, fauna, and geology, is what the game is all about. And so is the music. It’s cathartic by nature, relaxing and soothing while still entertaining.

No Man’s Mind is some of the finest atmospheric music that we’ve seen on the label. If you think so, too, then go ahead and listen to more Rameses B, download No Man’s Mind and follow Rameses B on social media.

Download No Man’s Mind

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● Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/RamesesB
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